Wednesday, April 25, 2018

How To Find Ideal Love Online

With the advancement of technology, dating is no longer your traditional face to face talk over coffee or dinner. The dating industry has incorporated the use of the internet in its dating methods and without a doubt, it has made the quest for love much easier through the creation of online dating sites.
Today, people looking for love are no longer limited within their community, city, or country. The use of the internet has made it possible for people to meet others from all over the world. Indeed, this gives each person a broader opportunity to find love.
online dating sites
However, looking for serious relationships online are far from easy. There are millions of competitors from all over the world. With that in mind, here are effective tips and strategies to be followed so you can step up your dating dame.
1. Narrow down your options.
The world is a huge place and the internet allows you to connect with other people from even the most remote parts of the globe. This is one reason why you will have to narrow down your options. For instance, you have to determine if you want to date local men and women or if you want to go for foreigners. If you wish to pursue foreigners, you will also have to determine if you want caucasian, asian, or whatever race you are interested in. Furthermore, you will need to determine if you wish to date someone from the United States, United Kingdom, and the like.
Online Dating sites
2. Decide what type of relationship you want.
Ask yourself first as to what type of relationship you are looking for. Some may sign up on dating sites for singles looking for short-term relationships whereas others might be looking for someone to marry. This will also help you narrow down your partner choices. Naturally, you would not want to date someone who is looking for a fling if you, yourself, are looking for true love.
3. Do not fake your way into a woman’s heart.
Most dating complaints, especially when it’s online, revolve around the proliferation of lies. People are fond of creating false stories so as to make themselves appear better for their potential mates. Naturally, things would go well at first but when the innocent partner finds out about all these fake stories, you might as well expect never to hear from them again. A broken trust is truly hard to fix after all. One must be genuine from the beginning. Just be yourself and find someone who will accept you for who you truly are, not who you pretend to be.
4. Communication is key.
Whether online or offline, communication is the ultimate key to a successful relationship. It may be difficult for two people who do not speak the same language but it’s always a choice to learn the other’s language so as to communicate better. In a sense, two people can communicate through their actions but this may not be enough to make the relationship last long. Both of you must be on the same wavelength of communication.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Finding Your Most Suitable Match

Finding your right match is what everyone seeks for. We see just how lucky some people are with their true to life fairy tale stories and fervently wished the same for ours. But, is it in any way feasible? Will it ever happen to us?
Wondering if the right one will ever come in itself is a big life mystery, while there are no definite answers to some of life’s critical questions. Life is still our choice and the consequences of our actions may lead to a beautiful or ugly outcome.
Finding your most suitable match is not an impossibility. There are things we can control and those are through the choices that we make. So how do we look for our most suitable match? The following checklist coming from our dating experts is a good start.

Top 10 Tips for Finding Your Most Suitable Match

  • Know Yourself
ideal partnerKnowing yourself will allow you to learn more about who is compatible with you.

You simply can’t find someone compatible if you don’t know yourself for where would you base compatibility with someone from? Knowing yourself is the first step.
You have to be aware of yourself first. What you like or don’t like, what you can or can’t tolerate, your strengths, your weaknesses, your quirks, inhibitions, and triggers to find the balance of what would best compliment you.
The easiest way to do this is to take some personality test. Find reliable personality test you can take online and save the results. Ask friends and family about how they see you and learn from it. Just keep note and list their observations.

  • Know Who You are Looking For
find your ideal partnerCreate a list of what you’re looking for and start from there.

Be clear of what you’re looking for. The sure-fire-way to do this is to brainstorm and make a list. Make a wishlist of the ideal partner–their personality, appearance, the industry they work in, their interests, etc. Be specific. You can make a priority list, divide them into columns with negotiable and non-negotiable elements. Or score up your dates if they match every quality you’re looking for.

  • Know Who You Attract
perfect matchA woman which is a perfect match for everyone.

There are certain type of people we like and there are those who like us. Notice the pattern of the type of people (the opposite sex) who are drawn to you. For instance, you might really like conservative-type but most of the people who you attract are the liberated-type. Learn and understand why this is so. Being aware of this is the beginning of controlling your circumstances to ultimately attract who you want to attract, and make things go your favor.
  • Stick It Out
ideal mateIt takes time and action to be an ideal mate.

Persist on being selective. Say no to doubtful profiles, end dates you think is not good for you as early as possible.
It is important not to be passive about what you really want. This is how most successful people get what they want. They don’t settle, they stick it out longer until they get it. This may sound idealistic but being passive about what you want might make you end up getting the things you don’t like instead. Wait and keep on selecting until the right fit comes along.
  • Be Yourself
ideal partnerBeing yourself will make you an ideal partner.

While it’s nice and natural to put your best foot forward on a first or second date, you will not be able keep up with an image that is not true to you for a long time. So, as early as chatting with them, try to observe if you can be yourself around this person. If you find it hard to be yourself even on your 4th or 5th date then chances are they might not be a very good match for you. You’d want to be with someone whom you’ll feel comfortable with.
  • Put Yourself Out There
find your most suitable partnerYou can find your most suitable partner by delving into online dating, just like what this woman is doing.

Don’t wait around wondering why your suitable match hasn’t arrived yet. As we get older, our social networks tend to decrease and finding a potential mate in the workplace or the locality could become slimmer.
The solution is put yourself out there. Join organizations, social networks or causes that aligns with your interests, or better yet, join dating sites. Utilising technology is the easiest way to do this. Just be sure to read safety tips for online dating first before you take the plunge.
  • Know How to Market Yourself
ideal mateA woman markets herself as an ideal mate.

Oftentimes, how a person perceives you is largely due to how you present yourself. So, make your profile interesting. Know how you’d appear like to people by experimenting on your looks, your photos or profile descriptions and highlighting your best qualities.
In making your profile online, post photos that reflect who you are and your lifestyle. but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to be too predictable or too transparent, you might become a convenient prey to scams. Give space to mystery and intrigue to make any potential mate want to get to know you more.
  • Show Optimism
suitable matchA happy and positive woman which is a good trait to be a suitable match.

A positive vibe is always attractive. Use positive phrases or words like “fun” or “exciting” or “happy.” People are drawn to positive, inspiring people. Be as optimistic as possible but work on making this true in your day to day life as well.
  • Love Yourself
ideal partnerLoving yourself will make you an ideal partner.

This is a rule you can’t keep out from. Love yourself first before you could ever give love to others. Explore yourself. Explore hidden strengths. Develop those strengths and embrace your weaknesses. Only in being so convinced of yourself as a truly lovely person deserving of love, will you attract those that also thinks so.
  • Find the Right Mix
ideal mateIn order to be an ideal mate, one should be able to find the right mix.

Find the right mix between your type and who you attract. If you can reconcile some elements and find the the sweet spot of these elements, (you like someone but they don’t like you vs. someone likes you but in no way you will ever like them), then you most likely found a keeper. And it might just be the best relationship you’ll ever have in a lifetime.
Final Thoughts
There’s no perfect person. Just a person who matches you quite nicely. Exploring who you are will pave the way to exploring who your best match is.
Have you seen ying yang?
Sometimes the dark can be a nice complement to the light. Some weaknesses can be great fit to some strengths and vice versa. Don’t search for the perfect person, just search for someone great for you.
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