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10 Signs You’re Ready to Move in with Her | Do’s and Don’ts of Moving In

Dating and building up a stable relationship is already hard enough. Relationships require constant communication and endless patience but moving on to the next step is even harder than the last. When all is said and done, a relationship that tested the hands of time demands more work than ever before. To be able to move on to the next phase of your commitment with your partner, it may be time for you both to move in and start a new life together. Here is a short guide to help you know if you’re ready to move in with your partner and all the important tips to take note of after doing so.
1.  No Pressure
One great sign of a stable relationship is when either you or your partner feel no pressure with each other. This implies that your relationship are so comfortable with everything which other couples would normally feel the opposite. It may actually be a sign that you both are ready to take the next step.
2. You Have Clothes In Her Closet
This is something to ponder about, do you or do you not have some clothes inside her closet right now? And also, are there any of your dirty laundry in her hamper as well? Then it’s practically like you two share the same washing machine. You and your partner are so comfortable with each other that even sharing the same hamper feels natural. All the better if you both don’t mind doing each other’s laundry.
 3. Your Sleepovers Are Starting to Become a Routine
Do you sleep at her place more often than at your own place? Has sleepovers and visits become a routine like stepping out of the office, the first place you head to is immediately her house? Then this might indicate that you’re most likely ready to move in together. Is your toothbrush in her bathroom? It already seems like you two are almost living together anyway why not seal the deal and make things official?
4. You Both Love Doing Nothing Together
Are there just some nights where you both just do your own thing inside the same room? Then this is definitely a great sign. Not everything that goes on in the relationship has to be something romantic or productive. In fact, a long lasting relationship involves a whole lot of nothing. If you and your partner feel so comfortable doing what you do as long as their presence is within your vicinity, then most likely you two would do just perfect living together already.
5. Both of You are Neutral with Expenses
Expenses can either make or break a couple when it comes down to the serious stuff. If you and your significant other can stay on the same level when it comes to financial issues then you both can agree on just about anything.
 6Your Social Life is Comfortably Stable
When you feel as though your relationship and social life are comfortably stable, then you surely won’t have any problems moving in together. Friend’s can be a huge factor in decision making and if they feel as though you’re taking things to the next level is a bad idea, then prepare to experience some complications between your friends and partner.
7. You’re not Moving In Just to Keep Her
One great sign in knowing if you’re ready to share the same roof with her is the fact that you’re not doing it just to keep her as your lover. More often than not, others tend to do whatever it takes to keep their significant other and it almost always ends up badly. When you start to have thoughts with living together just cause it feels right and the timing is perfect, then you know you’ve got a stable relationship going on.
8. Able to Compromise Well
Compromise is the most important word in every relationship. It’s inevitable to encounter struggles and fights with your partner along the way. To ensure that moving in together would go well what you need is compromise, understanding, and patience. If you feel as though you and your girl has got these in spades, then it’s probably the right time to buy some “his” and “hers” towels.
9. Discussing the Future Already
Have you ever found yourself discussing future plans with your partner? Of thinking about the future and seemingly can’t seem to picture it without her? Then this is an obvious sign that your relationship is a long and lasting one. To place the cherry on top, if you and your significant other discuss future plans in a natural and comfortable way then it’s time to take things up to the next level.
10. Finish Each Other’s Sentences
It’s a no-brainer to know that if you and your partner are already finishing each other’s sentences or even thinking identically then you two have moved up the normal standards of relationships. You know if you already passed the honeymoon stage if you and your partner have done each of your own businesses inside the bathroom at the same time. This shows how well you know each other and are at the peak of your relationship.
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